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5 Benefits of Electric Fireplaces

When people generally think of Fireplaces, the immediate thought that comes into mind is a nice cosy fire, on a cold evening in the middle of winter – Possibly watching a film and enjoying a night in. The idea of relaxing in front of a cosy fire is one that people often think about when coming home from work, as we associate this with relaxing and taking it easy. However, this can be quite costly, especially if you have a traditional wood and log fire.

Did you know that Electric Fireplaces could be equally as effective, but with some added additions? We at Evans Fireplaces have put together a list of 5 benefits of electric fireplaces, as opposed to more traditional ones.

1.) Environmentally Friendly and Safe

One of the key Benefits of Electric fireplaces are that they are safer and more environmentally friendly as opposed to wood and gas burning fireplaces. Whilst wood and gas burning fireplaces can emit fumes and other potential hazards, electric fireplaces are phenomenally safer. Giving you the same effects but much more eco friendly. In addition to being more eco friendly, Electric fireplaces will also not contribute to any smoke being penetrated in the room, keeping your environment safe and clean.

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2.) Easy Maintenance

Electric Fireplaces are the easiest of any other fireplaces to install and maintain. It’s as simple as plugging the switch in, and away you go! There are concerns about budgeting for chimney cleaning or spending money on firewood. Electric fireplaces do not burn wood or emit any kind of smoke or fumes. You can enjoy the benefits of a safer fire and at fraction of the cost.

3.) A variety of choices

There are variety of options to suit your choice and requirements as well as a variety of sizes colours and styles to suit. Have a look at our range and see what is available here at Evans –

4.) Longevity of use

One of the most common Benefits of Electric fireplaces is that they have a much longer shelf life than others, because they are not subject to any problems like rust or corrosion. And can even look as good as the day you brought it years later! And even in terms of aesthetics, electric fires require minimum maintenance to keep it looking sterling!

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5.) Convenience of use

One of the main features of Electric Fireplaces is that it does not use real wood, so you can pretty much use it all year around! No matter what the conditions are like outside, you can almost bring the natural elements to your home with and electric fireplace at any time of the year!

So as can be seen, there are many benefits of electric fireplaces that go beyond the visual appeal. To learn more about electric fireplaces or if you’re interested in seeing our innovative range – call Evans today on 0116 260 0772.