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Media Walls

What is a Media Wall?

A media wall is a modern fireplace commonly built with a tv above.  Over the last couple of years media walls have grown in popularity.  Rather than using a garish and bulky TV stand, many homeowners prefer instead to mount their flat screen television on the wall above a stylish fireplace.  At Evans Fireplace Centre we are your trusted partner when it comes to designing and installing your media wall, along with our experienced fitters we will ensure that your perfect media wall will be something that catches everyone’s attention.  Media walls are a great centerpiece to any room and captures people main focus as they enter.


What options can I have?

I have an existing Chimney breast:

For people with a chimney breast we can incorporate this into the media wall.  Depending on your chimney/flue you can have an electric, gas or solid fuel fire.

I do not have an existing chimney breast:

If you do not have a a chimney breast one can be built from various materials including plaster/fireboard, MDF etc. This will be made to measure. Depending on your chimney/flue you can have an electric, gas or solid fuel fire.


What are the benefits of having a Media wall?

  • Electric fires do not require a chimney.
  • With a false wall display you can add shelves so it has plenty of storage for internet and sky boxes, games, consoles etc.
  • A false chimney breast can be made to size, therefore any bespoke wall can be built for your needs.
  • When it comes to keeping your cables tidy, the media wall will hide them behind the wall so that your left with a nice clean look.

Additional information:

  • Some brands we deal with; Gazco, Celsi, Advanced Fires.
  • Price on request.
  • We have 4 inset electric live on display with more to come, 1 inset wood burner and a variety of inset gas fires.


Our 3 storey Syston showroom is equipped with a number of media displays, electric, gas or solid fuel fireplaces and a team that will be happy to guide you through our various offerings. To discuss your fire of choice contact the team on 01162 600 772 or pop into our showroom.

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Fire Types

Which fire type is suitable for me?


  • Unlike other fire types gas fires provide constant heat output, no refuelling required
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to use
  • No chimney
  • Remote
  • Easy to install
  • No sparks


  • Disaster proof
  • Often heats more than one room
  • Improved house ventilation
  • Off the grid
  • Beat rising energy costs
  • Free choice of fuels


  • 100% efficiency
  • No need for hard work
  • Ideal for any space
  • Easy installation
  • No toxic fumes
  • Increased design flexibility (not dependant on flue/chimney)