clean your fireplace

How to Clean a Fireplace


Clear The Surrounding Area

When cleaning your fireplace it is important to consider protecting the surrounding room from any potential damage, dust and soot from when the fireplace is being cleaned. Try laying down tarps around the fireplace area to catch any soot and dust that is thrown from the fireplace. If you don’t have a tarp try using old towels and clothing, they do just as good of a job.

Additionally when cleaning your fireplace you should consider protecting you clothing from damage. Soot can be very difficult to get out of clothing and therefore be prepared to throw the clothing you are wearing away after cleaning your fireplace. Wearing an apron over your clothing to stop any soot getting on it can protect your clothing from and damage.


Remove Debris from fireplace

Before starting the cleaning process it is important to remove any debris from the fireplace to make the cleaning process easier for you later on. Gloves should be worn here to reduce the risk of splinters and other such hazards, as well as stopping soot getting on your skin.


Sweep the Fireplace

Next sweep the fireplace out starting at the top and working downwards. Don’t forget to sweep the door of the chimney if you have one. They can often hold large quantities of ash without you realising.

Coffee grounds can also be used when cleaning. This will give the ashes a more solid texture and will help you reduce mess by stopping ash flying everywhere during the cleaning process is taking place.

A vacuum can be used here to remove the worst of it, although it is important to make sure that the remains have sat there for at least 12 hours to ensure any remnants of fire have gone out.


All Purpose cleaning spray

Next get your all-purpose cleaner and lightly spay the inside of your fireplace until the entire inside of the fireplace is wet with the cleaner.


Select your cleaning product – Homemade or Purchased – Use Abrasive Tool

Now get your abrasive tool and cleaner, to clean the fireplace. Dip it in your cleaner and start scrubbing. Don’t start scrubbing too hard with your brush, as it is already abrasive and you don’t want to damage the fireplace. When scrubbing don’t forget to go in a circular motion so you don’t miss anywhere and the whole surface gets cleaned evenly.

For those hard to get to areas within your fireplace try using a toothbrush to clean these areas.


Sit for 15 Minutes.

Now let the cleaner sit within your fireplace for 15 minutes for minor stains and if your fireplace has major stains consider leaving it for up to 30 minutes.


Remove build up

Now get yourself a wet cloth and run it under some hot water. Start buffing the stains within the fireplace and they should come off fairly easily now. This is because the cleaner should have loosened up the dirt enough for it to be removed with ease. If the stains have not been removed the first time you may not to repeat the cleaning process several times to completely restore your fireplace to condition you want it.