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Media Walls

Having a media wall as a feature to your living space has become more and more accessible for all types of rooms and houses. Media walls bring the modern and contemporary designs of Fireplaces together to benefit you and your family’s living style, and the great thing about it is you do not need to have a chimney! Having a fireplace can also help create a cosy atmosphere as well as adding a wow factor to your room.

When it comes to buying a media wall fireplace, there are different things to consider and at Evans Fireplaces we have helped to break these down to help you make the right decision with your Fireplace design.

  1. Heat source

Thanks to the option of a gas or electric fireplace, you can have a media wall fireplace anywhere in your home – regardless of having a chimney or not.

For gas media wall fireplaces, we can supply and install high-efficiency log effect gas fires. They can be installed with a stone or marble base, or simply in a false or existing chimney breast.

For electric media wall fireplaces, we can supply and install modern electric fires, that can be adapted to fit any space, with or without a chimney breast.

Whether you are using an existing chimney or starting with a blank canvas in a new build or home renovation, a media wall fireplace is a perfect, contemporary look for any home.

2. Location

Where you are going to put your media wall fireplace is often a question that is debated within households. The first thing to consider with location is which wall you are going to position your media wall fireplace. You will see today that a lot of interior designs will feature a tv above a fireplace, giving it a stunning focal point in your room.

For people with a chimney breast we can incorporate this into the media wall. Depending on your chimney/flue you can have an electric, gas or solid fuel fire.

If you do not have a chimney breast one can be built from various materials including plaster/fireboard, MDF etc. This will be made to measure. Most media walls are made of wood frames and are covered by plasterboard. This is ideal because it allows power cords to be hidden. Just make sure that the wall is sturdy enough to hold it.

Keep in mind that at Evans we advise to install the fireplace in the area where its vents won’t be blocked to allow the hot air to move freely. Never place it in wet areas like bathrooms and laundry rooms.

3. Heat output and size of room

How much heat is hot enough for your living space? This is another question to ponder before picking out your media wall fireplace or any type of fireplace for that matter. To find out the answer, you need to get the exact room measurement where the fireplace will be installed. This way, you can compute the required BTU, which is the unit of measurement for heat output. Choosing the right BTU rating is key to ensuring that you will enjoy enough warmth and use energy efficiently.

4. Price

Like with anything, cheap is not always the best. At Evans we specialise in providing the best value for money fireplaces. It is also good to point out that adding a media wall fireplace to your room will no doubt add value to your property. It is best to set your budget early to know how much money you have to work with, and which products fit your specified budget and brief. You may also need to factor in and preparation to walls or chimney breasts depending on your requirements.

At Evans, we take the stress away from you when building a media wall fireplace. We provide the end to end solution so you don’t need to waste your time dealing with different tradesmen when fitting your fireplace. Many of our competitors do not offer the same level of service from quotation, preparation, installation and after care that Evans offers. This is why we are Leicestershire’s best fireplace providers.

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