Muli Fuel Stove

Top Reasons & Benefits on Why to Buy a Multi Fuel Stove

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Here at Evans, we supply and provide quality multi fuel stoves and have built up quite the knowledge and insights of this particular stove. And with those insights in mind, we’ve put together a list for you on the benefits of multi fuel stoves, and reasons why if you’re thinking of investing in one, to look no further!

The multi fuel stove was purposefully constructed to burn a variety of materials such as wood and smokeless fuels such as coal. And its no surprise that these are amongst our most popular stoves within our range… but what else makes them so desirable?

1.) Multiple Ways to Generate Heat

As stated previously, the name really says it all. Not only can you burn wood logs to generate the heat, but smokeless fuels and eco-friendly solid fuels also – which are approved for use in smoke controlled areas. These stoves are constructed and designed in a way that allows for various types of fuel to burn efficiently and effectively.

2.) Ease of Debris Removal

Multi fuel stoves also have a built-in ash pan beneath the grate that collates all the collected debris and ash allowing for an easy and safe removal. This ensures the longevity of the stove by keeping it debris free – allowing the functionality of the stove to be maintained.

3.) Not reliant on any Power

Probably one of the most likely reasons why one would be attracted to these fireplaces, besides the overall look, is that they’re not reliant on any external power. So if you find yourself amidst a power cut in the winter, you can keep cosy around a nice, warm fire – powered by something other than electricity.

4.) Energy Consumption Reduction

One of the prime ways you can save on energy bills is through a multi fuel stove, which has no other cost attached to it other than the fuel you purchase. With a multi fuel stove, you can warm up the desired area promptly and efficiently.

5.) Durable Enclosure

It’s quite safe to say that once you buy a multi fuel stove, you’ll have it with you for many years. Due to its durable nature, confined by solid steel, it’ll serve you until you feel as though you want a new one.

6.) The Overall Look and Feel

Multi Fuel stoves have a retro feel and look about them, which makes them that much more desirable. They have been around for decades and are tried and tested! They certainly look the part too, giving it that classic but contemporary feel.

So if you’re looking into the benefits of multi fuel stoves, and possibly interested in investing in one, then there are many benefits to it as outlined above. It will certainly prove to be a good investment for now and for the future.

If you require further information on multi fuel stoves or anything related, then give us a call today! We’d be happy to hear from you….