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Interior Fireplace Design Ideas

Here at Evans Fireplaces, we often hear the expression ‘modern interior fireplaces’. But what does this actually mean? Well if you’re looking for design ideas, there is now a wealth of choices available, both modern and contemporary. We have been in the industry for many years and have seen many different designs and styles over the years. So if you’re looking for design ideas for your interior fireplace, read on to see some of our recommendations.


The Wood Effect


As can be seen from the above, if its wood that ignites your creative surroundings, then a hole in the wall fireplace with a wood effect surround might just be the added touch you require to really underpin your vision. We have the ideal fireplace for each surrounding, and a wood effect can really enhance the look and feel of your environment. Aside from providing a real vintage feel and look, a wooden fireplace is amongst the most popular within our range. Click to see more of the Wood Fireplaces range.


The Classic Feel


If you’re looking for a rustic and traditional feel for your space, then a Multi Fuel Stove is a great addition. The multi fuel stove is specifically designed to burn materials such as wood logs and smokeless fuels. It also contains a built-in ash pan underneath the grate that collects all the debris and ash, thus allowing for an easier and safer removal of the debris to keep it clean and working with optimum combustion. This gives you with a warm and cosy room.


The Modern Feel


Now here’s the answer the the question in which we set out at the beginning of this article. The one thing we have to bear in mind nowadays is that Fireplaces are no longer just limited to stones and bricks. Fireplaces burn in the same way no matter the style or design, but whats changed is the way they can now be housed. For example, Hole in the Wall fireplaces add a real sophisticated feel to the home, by saving space and giving that all important modern feel.


The Conventional



This is the more traditional fireplace that you will most likely find in many homes. And why not, a stone fireplace still has some of the most aesthetically pleasing designs available. However, convention doesn’t always mean that something has to be boring. Stone fireplaces are still amongst some of the most sought after fireplaces available.

The above are just examples of some interior fireplace design ideas, and here at Evans, we have a huge range to choose from, whatever your vision maybe. If you’re looking for some creative ideas, then get in touch with us today to discuss the many options available to you.

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