Energy Saving Tips For Your Fireplace

Energy-Saving Tips For Your Fireplace

To many people, their fireplace is a decorative piece, rather than a functional heater. The misconception is that gas and electric fires are expensive to run and that you have to keep vast amounts of fuel to burn on your stove. Your fire can actually be much more cost-effective than you’d think and require less fuel than you’d potentially expect. There are a few things to bear in mind to ensure you get the best value from your fire. We’ve included some of these below.

Don’t Forget To Close Your Doors

This may sound like an obvious tip but you’ll be surprised how many people leave doors open when trying to heat their room. Your room will warm up much faster and stay warmer for longer if you close nearby doors. Using a fireplace to heat just one room is typically far more cost-effective than heating your whole home, so is something you should consider if you spend most of your time in one room.

Saving Hassle & Fuel With Your Stove

If you have a wood burner, you may be used to keeping large amounts of wood. Most wood contains a high percentage of water which means that it burns cooler and creates a lot of smoke. By using a kiln-dried log you get a hotter flame which burns more efficiently and produces less smoke. This means you often need to burn less to get the same result. We recommend that you change the log every 45 mins – 1-hour meaning you only need to use 3 or 4 logs an evening giving you less to do, burning less wood and producing less smoke.

Maintain Your Fireplace

Having your fireplace maintained helps to ensure that it’s working efficiently. Whether you have a gas fire or a traditional wood burner; a little maintenance goes a long way to ensuring your fire is efficient. By having your fire or chimney serviced before the cold weather begins, you can ensure that it will perform optimally.

Having a fireplace is ideal for the cold months and by following these tips you can ensure your fire is as efficient to run as possible. If you are interested in getting a new fireplace or would like to learn more about our services, don’t hesitate to contact Evans Fireplace Centre today on 0116 2600772 or fill out an online contact form.