How Do Electric Fires Work

How Do Electric Fireplaces Work?

Do you know how an electric fireplace works? Do you want to be without the hassle of cutting all that wood and cleaning out your fire on a regular basis? Have you been considering an electric fire, but want to find out more about how they work?

Electric fires offer the warmth and beauty of a normal fire, but without the need for flues, chimneys and expert installation. In addition to ease of installation, you also reap the benefits of low maintenance, energy and cost efficiency, as well as precise heating controls. With the inclusion of realistic flame effects, you don’t need to compromise on the look of your fire.

As the smart home revolution continues and electric fires continue to improve in efficiency more people are opting for them over traditional fires. But how exactly do electric fires work?


How is the heat generated?

There are two different methods of heating used in domestic electric fireplaces, infrared & fan heaters.

Fan Heater

Fan heaters are by far the most common type of electric fire at the moment, however, some manufacturers expanding their offering. A fan heater works by passing an electrical current through a metal coil which results in it getting hot. The heat from the coil is then blown around your room by a fan. Most fires have a number of setting for you to choose from, controlling the heating of the coils as well as the speed of the fan.

Because the heat is generated internally you can avoid many of the burn risks associated with open and gas fires. Although care and supervision is still required, electric fires are typically considered to be a safe option for homes with young children and pets. One thing you will have to do is take care of where you place furniture and other materials that can combust or melt, as the great amount of heat generated can cause lead to fires if proper care isn’t taken.


Infrared Fire

Infrared fires are heated in a very different way to fan heaters. Rather than getting hot and dispersing the heat they produce, they directly heat objects. Invisible rays of light travel through the air and heat objects in their path.

The rays of light travel in straight lines and aren’t affected by external factors such as drafts. This does, however, mean that if you aren’t directly in the path of the infrared rays, then you won’t feel the optimal benefit. Infrared works in a very similar way to the sun’s rays, but don’t carry the harmful effects.

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How are the flames generated?

The electric fire flame effect can be created in a variety of ways.

Some flame effects are created simply by displaying a video of a roaring fire on a TV screen built into the fire itself. It’s also common for these types of fires to have audio features as well providing authentic crackling sounds, offering a more authentic experience.

Other electric fires use bulbs which have their light refracted to give the illusion of dancing flames. It is becoming more common in modern electric fires to use a water mist to create the illusion of smoke. This results in one of the most convincing flame effects often causing people to mistake it for the real thing.

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